Dashboard Lights are Giving You Important Information

The dashboard warning light might be giving you valuable information. Many times vehicle owners ignore the dashboard warning light, leading to major issues. The factory installed these dashboard warning lights so you could get your vehicle to a team like ours at Kempthorn Volvo Cars.

The warning lights generally give you time to get the issue fixed. What do they mean? Your oil warning light may mean levels are low. This could lead to major engine issues. You should never ignore your oil warning light. The intent is to give you time to get to a service center. Our service center is ready to help you with any issue regarding your dashboard oil warning light. We can assess it quickly and provide a solution.

Your transmission light could mean your coolant is low, and the brake light means that there will be some kind of issue in your brake system. These are issues that need to be addressed by a professional technician as soon as possible.

You can schedule an appointment today with our service team. It'll save you money and issues in the long run.

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