Highlighting the Differences Between All-Wheel Cars and Four-Wheel Vehicles

All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive always attract mixed reactions in the scope of comparing them, and has many people caught in the dilemma on which is best. Smart auto shoppers will still differentiate between the misinformation and the myths that cover the two types drivetrains. It is right to say that may it be an all-wheel or four wheels drive, the main aim is always to be at a point of increasing the level of traction when accelerating.

Visit us today at Kempthorn Volvo Cars to equip yourself with knowledge of the two types of drivetrains. Note that the all-wheel drive system helps the vehicle launch faster by always transmitting power to all the four wheels hence reducing the strain on the rest. The four-wheel drive insures there isn't a loss in traction in muddy terrains, and even if one wheel isn't touching the ground, the other three can advance without much strain. Find us in Canton, for more information on our new Volvo inventory.

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