Roadside Tip: Always Have a Roadside Emergency Kit



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When was the last time you got stuck on the side of the road? Were you prepared with the necessary items?

Keeping a roadside emergency kit in your car can help you out of tight spots or allow you to safely stand by until help arrives.

These are a few of our suggestions for things to keep in your car at all times:

  • Duct tape: You can use this to fix certain things long enough to get to a place where you can make real repairs.
  • Foam tire sealant: This is useful if you run over a nail and need enough out of your tires to get to a point where you can safely change or properly repair it.
  • Emergency poncho: The only thing worse than getting stuck is getting stuck in the rain.
  • Headlamp: Managing a breakdown in the dark will be easier if you don't have to hold a flashlight.
  • Multipurpose tool: This will let you make lots of little adjustments to things in your car.

Our service center in Canton, OH can give your car a checkup to make things are in working order. Schedule an appointment today!

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