Learn the Definitions of Common Dashboard Warning Lights

Whenever there's a fault with a feature in your vehicle you need to know is triggered, a signal is sent to the dashboard, illuminating some hieroglyphics that cover a broad range of issues. If you are driving in Canton and you notice that one or more of these signs have been activated, but you don't understand the meaning, our technicians at Kempthorn Volvo can help you decipher the meaning, diagnose the problem, and fix it. Here are some more common signs to look out for.

Engine temperature: This sign resembles a pirate ship with the sails down. It means the engine has become too hot and it's overheating.

Oil level/pressure: The sign resembles a kettle with a drop of fluid dripping from the mouth. It means the oil level in your engine is too low, or your vehicle's oil pressure system is faulty.

Antilock Brake warning: The sign contains the letters 'ABS' within a circle and two outer curves on the right and left sides. It means there is a problem with your vehicle's anti-lock brake system and the issue needs to be diagnosed and repaired.

In case there is a sign that is flashing on your dashboard, but you can't seem to figure out what it means, visit our dealership at 1449 Cleveland Avenue NW, and our technicians will gladly assist you.

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