How You Can Fix Headlight Bulbs and Lenses

The IIHS, short for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, oversees the rating of headlights on vehicles in the United States of America. While some headlights are top-notch, or "good" in IIHS lingo, other leading competitors may offer only "acceptable" headlights, making up an overwhelmingly high percentage of various types of vehicles that are rated "poor."

Believe it or not, of 21 sport utility vehicles tested by the IIHS, fourteen of them boasted the lowest-quality headlights possible. Other types of vehicles received similar findings – most of them receiving the proverbial bottom rung of the rating ladder – no matter their manufacturer or how they were distributed. This means their headlights were inherently bad, of poor quality, and unlikely to help alert a driver of something directly before it happens due to a lack of visual mobility, hindered by the terrible lighting they emitted. You should strive to change halogen bulbs to LED or HID, replace headlight enclosures, and install driving on the outside of your vehicle if your visibility starts to look dim.

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