Why Should You Use Windshield Wiper Fluid?

As you travel throughout the Canton, Ohio region, you are sure to encounter some debris on your windshield. Whether you find your visibility affected by bugs, pollen, dirt, or other debris, your windshield wiper fluid serves an important purpose. Many drivers pour tap water inside the washer reservoir, but you may not know that is a big mistake that can cause your vehicle unnecessary damage. Why is windshield wiper fluid so irreplaceable?

In cold temperatures, water can freeze in your reservoir and can cause your wiper system to fail. The ice can damage all of your system's moving parts, including the pump. In warmer weather, you need to be mindful of bacteria. Water breeds bacteria, and the mist can affect the health of your car and your passengers.

Wiper fluid comes specifically designed to handle your needs, while also preventing further damage to your vehicle. It's also fairly inexpensive, especially when weighed against the costly damage of using plain tap water. Let the Volvo service team at Kempthorn Volvo Cars service and maintain your windshield wiper system so that you can see clearly this Spring and beyond.

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