Back-to-School Service Tips for the Upcoming Season

In order to make certain the cooling system is operating as it should as the new school year approaches, it is extremely important to have a mechanic give the entire system a maintenance check.

Here are just a few things they will do to make certain all is running perfectly.

  • The radiator needs to be inspected for any signs of damage, then the fluids drained and replaced so the moving parts can perform at a peak state.
  • The water pump has to be working perfectly in order for the coolant to be moved through the system quickly. If the bearing appears to be failing or the belt loose, the team will make the repair quickly.
  • The fan belts and radiator hoses could be hours away from failing, so you want an expert to get eyes on those parts to identify if any signs of failing do appear, so they can make the change now while safely on the lift.

Don't put off getting the cooling system maintained at Kempthorn Volvo Cars as soon as possible.

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