Getting the Right Oil for your Vehicle

Engine oil is critical to the operation of your vehicle. The oil that you choose for your Volvo car lubricates the internal parts that move at high rates, from the very first turn of the ignition. Oil viscosity ratings offer important information for the consumer and driver. The viscosity numbers tell how fast the oil flows in hot and cold conditions, which can make a big difference in your overall performance.

When shopping for motor oil, the numbers you will notice on each bottle represent the SAE rating, which is typically 10, 20, 30, or 40. The SAE is the weight or thickness, and the higher number describes the heavier and slower flowing oils. The number in front such as 5W, 10W or 20W signify the cold temperatures for which the oil has a rating. Your manufacturer recommends the type and weight of oil for your vehicle. It is important to meet or exceed the recommended oil viscosity.

Canton, OH drivers know the importance of keeping enough oil, and that they must change the oil from time to time. At Kempthorn Volvo Cars, we offer regular vehicle maintenance, including routine oil changes, so that you can get the maximum life and usage out of your vehicles.

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