How to Jump-Start Another Car

Keeping a set of jumper cables in your car’s emergency kit could prevent you or another from being stranded indefinitely. There’s some basic understanding involved in using them, and perhaps a little practice, but the operation is straightforward.

You first need to recognize the positive and negative cables. From there, you need to be aware that once you’ve connected them to a battery, there’s a potential electrical charge. Use caution, so the unconnected ends don’t touch another metal surface.

It’s recommended to begin by connecting the red, or positive cable, to the dead battery’s positive terminal. Follow that with the black, or negative, cable to the same battery. Follow the same steps with the good battery. After you’ve attached them, wait a couple of minutes, and then rev the engine. Go ahead and try to start the other car.

It should start after a couple of tries. There could be another issue at hand if it doesn’t, and it’s best to have your battery serviced at that point. When you’re in Canton, Ohio, stop in to our Volvo parts shop. We’re here to assist you with all your car maintenance needs.

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