Summer Tires Versus All-Season Tires

What are summer tires? Summer tires are performance tires, named thus because they are made to offer better traction in both wet and dry weather during warm temperatures. All-season tires are meant to be driven in both hot and cold conditions.

Summer tires are made from materials that contain additives that are sticky, in order to provide optimum grip in wet conditions. This material will retain its rigidity in the heat, allowing the tires to keep their shape when driving on hot pavements. Summer tires don't last as long as all-weather tires because the tread is more shallow. However, summer tires cannot be driven in very cold temperatures, because they become too rigid and stiff for any type of traction in the snow. All-weather tires last longer because they have deeper tread and have symmetrical tread designs, so there are more tire rotation options.

If you are unsure of what types of tires you may need in Canton, bring your vehicle in to our Volvo service department and we will discuss with you the different options for tires that we offer.

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