Tips For Cleaning Your Tires

When you wash and wax your vehicle, take a moment to assess your tires. Chances are, they are in need of some attention as well. This doesn't take much time as long as you have the right products on hand. We here at Kempthorn Volvo Cars can help you pick some items out that will get your vehicle's tires looking brand new and shiny in no time.

When you have the right products on hand, all you need to do is spray the product on, let it sit and then rinse it off. When you dry your tires, you want to make sure they are completely dry. Rubber is very porous and can absorb a lot of materials like dirt, water, soap, etc. Make sure you use a specific set of towels for your tires and don't use them on anything else. You could end up damaging your vehicle if you do.

Spring cleaning should also include a visit to the Volvo service facility of your choice, here in Canton, Ohio. We welcome you to come and have your oil changed, filters replaced, and other seasonal car maintenance items completed on your schedule. Stop by Kempthorn Volvo Cars soon!

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