Is it necessary to keep salt or even kitty litter during the winter in the car?

Winter is approaching, and most drivers have alternative ideas on how to tackle the resounding period. Many of the drivers and car owners are organizing the emergency tool kit and are faced with the many thoughts of what to include while stocking the kit. There tend to exist various materials to add without necessarily forgetting the important stuff.

For instance, blankets form part of the needed materials as well as snacks to keep one warm and prevention of hunger. However, of importance to note is that kitty litter is of great importance in comparison to the salt. Salt being corrosive may bring about rusting when it tampers with the vehicle parts. We at Kempthorn Volvo Cars are looking forward to you visiting us at Canton for more tips and guidelines on how to efficiently pack your automobile. We value your time and are aware of how delays can cause major setbacks.



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