Important Safety Tips for Driving with Pets

With around 100,000 dogs dying each year from traveling in the bed of trucks, we are committed to helping drivers learn about important safety tips for driving with pets. Truck beds aren't the only danger pets need to avoid. Even having your pet loose inside the car is a hazard.

You must crate or correctly restrain any pet that travels with you inside the car. Loose pets can cause an accident no matter how well-behaved they are. Even if the pet didn't cause an accident, it's more dangerous to them in a car accident if they're not crated. Never drive with a pet in the truck bed either. It's hazardous to the animal and others on the road.

Following the above safety tips helps keep you, your pet and others safer on the road. Stop by our dealership at Kempthorn Volvo Cars to inquire about the vehicles that are safest for pets and test drive the cars you're interested in.



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