The new Volvo S60 is a comfortable and popular luxury sedan that provides drivers with a number of valuable visual aids. These include corner busting cameras, graphical displays, and even touchscreens.

The Volvo S60 includes special surround camera technology. This system can scan to either side and can thus see around corners at 180° in the front or rear. This ability gives drivers the capability to literally see around building blocks, thou providing an extra level of safety and capability.

To back up the external camera display system, the Volvo S60 equips drivers with a proprietary heads-up display system. This enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road during bad weather, or other challenging situations, while at the same time providing them with vital road and vehicle centric information.

Drivers need not depend only on the heads up display, because the Volvo S90 also includes a full graphic driver digital display system that provides personalized information for driver use. It also allows drivers to interact and find information from navigational and telecommunications systems.



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