Volvo believes in keeping its drivers and passengers safe. That's why Volvo models offer features that enhance driver awareness, minimize distractions, and help keep their eyes on the road ahead.To keep the driver focused while allowing access to Volvo's many features, many Volvo models now offer Voice Command. This innovative feature allows the driver to access information and entertainment through intuitive voice input.

You will not find many luxury vehicles that offer a complete suite of voice-activated features like Voice Command. With this unique feature, the driver can access five different areas of the vehicle - climate control, navigation, phone, text messages, and radio & media.

How the Voice Command System Works

To activate the system, the driver presses the Voice Command button on the steering wheel. Once the driver is ready, they can say, "Go to navigation." From there, the system will be able to give the driver audible turn-by-turn instructions. The driver can also instruct the vehicle to change climate controls, play a specific song, or read text messages. The input is relayed through a speaker located above the driver. To cancel Voice Command, the driver presses the Voice Command button twice until an audible "beep" is heard.

Additional Voice Command Features

Voice Command is a robust system designed to be easy to use. For instance, the driver can say, "repeat," and the system will repeat any recent information. If the driver wants to quickly stop any system response, they can say, "cancel" and the system will stop. For assistance with the Voice Command feature, the driver can say, "help." This feature will activate the Voice Command's help dialogue.

The Advantages of Voice Command

With Voice Command, the driver is able to enjoy many of Volvo's amenities, with minimal distraction. For instance, the driver can make hands-free phone calls, have messages read aloud, find a fast route, stream audio, and much more.

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