While you can drive the Volvo XC90 all year for business and pleasure, you can add summer fun accessories to increase its usefulness like cargo mats and all-season weather mats. Its load bars and mud flaps can also increase its off-road versatility. Most important, though, the latest Volvo XC90 provides a retractable trailer hitch, so you can haul a trailer full of good stuff to enhance your summer fun in Ohio.

How to Use the Retractable Hitch

You can use the retractable hitch in two ways – to haul a bicycle holder or to tow a trailer. When retracted, you cannot see the hitch. You will be the only one who knows you have a trailer hitch. When you need it, simply extend it from the vehicle and attach the trailer or a tow bar.

The trailer hitch works with a detachable towbar. Volvo recommends using its own towbars since they are specially designed to work with the vehicles. Forget your dad’s trailer hitch. You simply open the tailgate on the XC90, push a button, and the vehicle takes care of the rest. An orange indicator light apprises you of the hitch’s progress by blinking as the hitch retracts and glowing solidly once it finishes retracting.

The weight you can tow varies depending on whether or not your trailer has brakes. On a trailer with no brakes, you can haul 1,650-pounds, but using a trailer with brakes, you can haul 5,000-pounds.

Contact Us to Learn More

The good news is that you can get the trailer hitch and towbar added locally. Just contact our Parts Department at Kempthorn Volvo in Ohio to order. When the parts arrive, we will contact you to make an appointment to install the trailer hitch and towbar. You drop off your Volvo, and we take care of the rest. We can even demonstrate how the push-button mechanism works before you leave the lot. Call us today to add this useful accessory to your vehicle. We look forward to meeting you!

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