The Volvo brand has gone from manufacturing wagons to producing some of the most advanced SUVs. This popular automaker has an extensive lineup of mid-size SUVs, sedans, wagons, compact SUVs, and hybrid vehicles. All of these vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge innovation and luxurious components. Smartphone integration is built into many of the models, as well as premium audio. Wireless charging for your smartphone is also available, but the brand's innovation has expanded into the safety department.

Safety & Security

Volvo utilizes a range of advanced innovations for its safety and security features. First things first, these phenomenal vehicles are equipped with advanced airbags that are strategically placed for all-around protection. The use of radar, cameras, and sensors are also available to help with preventive safety. High-definition cameras are incorporated into some of the models to give drivers a 360-degree look at the vehicle. The Blind Spot Information System is instituted with Volvo's Steer Assist technology. This means that driver will receive on-time alerts when other vehicles enter your blind zones. Steer Assist can help to guide the vehicle while keeping you centered in your lane.

Over-the-air updates are available to support fully autonomous driving. In 2020, Volvo put a speed cap on all of its vehicles to a top speed of 112 mph. In addition to that, Geofencing technology and Smart Speed Control can automatically limit the vehicle's speed near hospitals and school zones. This preventive approach to highway security has drastically helped cut down on road accidents when dealing with higher speeds. Crumple zones are also built into the frame to disperse energy away from the occupants. Every base is being covered, and some of the vehicles are equipped with energy-absorbing functionality to reduce spinal injuries.

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