New for this Volvo production year at Kempthorn Volvo Cars near Akron is the implementation of the Android operating system for powering built in Google infotainment applications.

So, with the revamped Volvo line-up for 2022 consisting of Volvo XC60 luxury SUVs, Volvo S90 luxury sedans and Volvo V90 Cross Country luxury wagons, infotainment gets an upgrade too, therein.

Volvo Cars' Android OS Implementation – Perfect for Google Fans

Technology is a state-of-art concept. It's forever evolving, and becomes finely tuned as quickly as time passes.

By celebrating the introduction of advanced, 2022 Volvo Mild Hybrid models, Volvo Cars partnered with Google and Android in presenting an infotainment operating system offering seamless transitioning from home and office onto Volvo XC60.

Android Interactions Pleasingly Convenient

As you drive Volvo S90, the less distractions within the cabin the safer everything becomes. Given Volvo Cars' overarching commitment to safety, the ability to verbally command Google applications aligns well with the modern streamlining of drive and comfort throughout Youngstown.

Taken in total, the ease with which to pilot Volvo V90 Cross Country when verbally raising Google Maps is an advantage not seen elsewhere in a luxury wagon – if at all.

For those on the go, sporting event or theater tickets may be secured using Google Assistant as you make your way through Green. And Google Play will surely utilize the Bowers & Wilkins speaker allotment or the centralized touchscreen display for smooth departure from Warren.

Volvo Cars – A Forward Thinking Enterprise

Thankfully in North Franklin, there's the future-minded approach of Volvo Cars as seen in the new, 2022 line-up of Volvo Mild Hybrid SUVs, sedans and wagons. And to complement this sustainable achievement, every aspect of your chosen Volvo model will be cutting edge.

At Kempthorn Volvo Cars, we look forward to entertaining your desires for the future in a new Volvo model today.

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