The future of vehicles is here. The shift toward hybrid and, eventually, all-electric vehicles requires new expertise than your conventional, gas-powered cars driving around Akron and Youngstown are used to. The advancement of technology in any field requires a new way of approaching care and maintenance. The auto industry is no different. With the future emphasizing electricity as the main source of power for North Franklin commuters, a new crop of certified technicians is required.

Those experts are making their way to Canton, Ohio, and Kempthorn Volvo Cars. They are the new generation of certified Volvo service providers, whose expertise lies in the all-new lineup of Recharge models. The Volvo Recharge lineup is the roster of plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles, marking a shift in production toward fewer gas-fueled cars and SUVs. The XC40 kicked off Volvo's initiative to turn half of its vehicles into electric powered vessels by 2025.

Volvo is prepared for this shift. Through the Volvo LIGHTS projects, Volvo Trucks North America collaborates with Rio Honda College and San Bernardino Valley College, and nearly a dozen other organizations to implement deployment and train the next wave of Volvo technicians. This past summer, the program celebrated its first batch of maintenance technicians' graduation. Those graduates are now preparing for careers in maintaining Volvo electric trucks.

Participants in the program take a range of topical courses centering on the electrical system of Volvo trucks, diagnosis and repair, and anything centering on the truck's operational systems. This includes heavy-duty, battery-electric truck maintenance. This program gives the future Volvo technicians hands-on training for a detailed experience as they embark on their future.

When you take a chance on the future, you want to know all aspects of your purchase are covered. This includes knowing what it takes to maintain your electric system. You want to know you can trust the team keeping you on the highways of Green and the streets of Warren. Know Volvo is giving its technicians the advanced training required to keep up with the advances of the industry.

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